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The Traveling Freak Show...

Ok, This is all that has made it to the Archive bin so far, more will come, Eventually.

Spontany Walk

*Dana and I have a habit of going on Spontany walks
for the supreme purpose of getting out of her house
and forgetting everything that ever happens inside of
it. Somehow or other, we plan on going out for about
20 or 30 minutes and end up walking for several hours
with the intention to get as lost as we possibly can.
(We have a theory that were going to end up in Jersey
someday.) Anyway, if all roads lead to Rome, then my
Grandmothers house is it, because we have the strange
luck of always ending up there exactly when our feet
are getting tired or we think we are the most lost.
Either that or one of my various relatives happens to
drive by and we sucker them into driving us backI
dont think weve ever walked the full distance to and
from anywhere.
This is a particular time Im going to tell you
about, however. We were specifically avoiding my
grandmothers house and aiming in the exact opposite
direction. We had to be back at the house by 4:00
thats when I was getting picked up. Danas Dad had
told us to page him by 3:00 and he would pick us up
from wherever we were, but by four he would be driving
back to his house downtown. This proved some
interesting possibilities. We left the house around
1:00 (it might have been twelve, I forget, but for all
extensive porpoises its now 1:00) and started off.
Picture this, two 15 year olds walking through rich
white bred Roland park looking entirely ic in
their combat boots and dark-eyed make-up. Yes, this
was the picture we painted. Forgetting all we were
walking away from, we decided on a name for ourselves.
(We had been debating this for a while.) Dana and I
are the SomeNobodys. Because we are nobodys who will
eventually become Somebodys but by the time that
happens, being a somebody will mean being a nobody. A
theme song was deemed nessicary, So we agreed on
Nobody Land. I think its apporpriate. Now the Freak
Circus has a Clan, The somenobodys. But only true
nobodys can join, so there will only be two members.
We were strolling along and passed St. Josephs
Hospital, a landmark that I remember, having visited
it so many times (but thats another story.) Realizing
that we had struck upon Towson, my home territory, we
decided that our best bet would be to hit the Towson
Town Mall, what else do you do in Towson? By this time
it was only about 1:45 so we stopped by Ten Car and
fell in love with several of the vintage outfits, made
fun of the wigs, and had an altogether great time.
Strolling around the mall some time later, we paged
Danas dad several times with no result. It turns out
his pager is broken, yet another result of Murphys
Law. Eventually we got in touch with him at his house
around 3:55. He swears we never paged him, and refused
to drive all the way to Towson and back, because he
had Lauren (Danas younger annoyance, I mean sister) with
him, and she didnt want to get up. Standing here in
this precarious predicament and having 20some annoyed
people behind us waiting to use the Pay phone, we had
about three-min. To take a 45 min walk. Our first
thought was the bus, we would take the #8 bus back to
Towson, only be a few min. late, and all would be
well. Walking out of the mall, we saw a cab pulled to
the side of the road and no passengers inside. We
jumped in the cab and told him our address, no
problems seemed evident. Are you Elaine? What, huh,
no, Im Caitlin, this is Dana, we need to go to
[address stated here.] Sorry, Im waiting for Elaine
but if she doesnt show, than Ill take you where you
gotta go Inevitably, a black woman decked out in
leopard skins bursts out the Mall doors looking
somewhat enraged. The cab driver was wondering if this
was Elaine, but Dana quickly responded that she looked
like Georgette and to hit the gas. (Now dont think
Im racially prejudice here, I have nothing against
anyone because of his or her colore, but this is what
happened.) The sudden shrieks of an angry black woman
suddenly burst forth. Who the hell these people?
Uhuh, I didnt ask for no passengers in my cab, I
called for cab, this cab got passengers. The body
movements started and she managed to do the hand.
Not wanting to deal with Elaine, we hopped out of the
cab, knowing that it would take longer to explain our
predicament to her and convince her to let us ride
than to hop a bus or find another cab. I pity the Cab
driver who had to endure her wrath. Cabs in Towson are
rare but some how we managed to find two more on the
wrong side of the road. Two buses also passed us, one
going the wrong direction, and one drove right by us.
We finally found a cab by The Commons that wasnt
waiting for someone or off duty and took us back to
Danas house, by 4:34. Our most spontaneous spontany
walk yet, I would say.
- Caitlin, Editor's Assistant

Most teens have no money, very little spare time, and less patience. After lots of time, i have come up with 10 ways to help out for the broke, buisy, and bothered.

This free site will donate 2 1/2 cups of food to a starving person a day FREE.
This site will give you one free rose every month, and you can give that to someone poor or lonely.
3. Visit a nursing home for one hour once a week for a month, you'll be surprised that you might want to go back.
4. The next time it snows, shovel someone's walk for free annonomously.
5. Go to a hospital and visit someone you do or dont know.
6. Do te same at a children's hospital.
7. Give .
8. Become an organ donor.
9. The next time you pass a homeless guy on the street, give him some food.
10. Donate old books, clothes, or toys to a shelter, like GoodWill, Purple Heart or Salvation Army.


Ok people, this is the infamous Caili talking now, I've broken into the site and managed to figure out how to edit this stuff, I'm adding updates of my own now! hehe ok, sorry, now off of my tyrranical speech, you have probaly noticed that the "Editor's assistant" is hasn't written anything sice the amazingly wel written "spontany walk" well, guys and dolls, there are reasons for that.
#1. I wrote part one of "The Metaphoric Properties of a kitchen Sink" several months ago and Dana had yet to add it in.
#2. My currnet work in progress is called "The BadKitty Variation" and I'm in the middle of it. It is yet incomplete, but I have begun on another endevor, "Religion, freaks, martyers, and the need for a nonpurpose."
#3. give my some ideas of what to write, what do you people want to see?
#4. My computer is a lousy piece of _______ and doesn't always let me online.
#5. In subject with #4, so is my keyboard and mouse, not the spelling errors.

hehe, i have just returned from England some odd hours ago,
and promptly returned to my seat at the computer. Here is my report: You freaks of the nation, you who search for a place to be yourself and express whatever it is you want to, London is the place. A woman in a black spiffy business suit and briefcase with at least 7 peircings makes her way to work, three men with multicolored mohawks adorn a bench beside Kensington Gardens, and the oldest profession on earth is legal. Every other street is home to several theatres, shops everywhere, Freakish sophistication is the essence of everthing. i love it! the drinking age is 16 (or is it 18, i forget) the black taxis will run you over without a second thought, new bands preform everywhere from street corners to flashy club scenes and the pure feeling or accepted personal independance is the ambrosia and necatar of life.


What are your views on abortion?
Many say that it is the Mothers choice, a baby, living with parents who would have had them aborted, will most likely grow up in an abusive household.
Is a baby thats born retarded going to have a life worth living?
Is a 16 year old mother responsible enough to raise a Baby? And yet a life is not ours to end, and as soon as a child is concived, it has a life, heart beat and the ability to move dispite its small size.
E-mail us your views and we'll post them. Opinions are your own, we will not discriminate by them.

Freakcircus Diary entry: 5-30-01

Here I am in Computer class bored out of my mind, picturing a hundred diffrent senarios of thing that would never happen but would make the class a whole lot more interesting. Our teachers name is Mrs. Meany. Yup, thats right, her name is Mrs. Maddie Meany. Make me appriciate my own last name allot more. I wish a plane carrying monkeys would crash, causing the monkey's to invade my school. Or Goverment officials came in and carried some of my class mates away. I would really like it if they took away Julianne or Rita. Well, clas is over in a few Min. the bell will ring, and I will ajorn to Latin1. OH Joy...


I've been looking foreward to Summer Vacation for the entire school year. It has been my reason, my excuse, and my mental nirvana. Instead of paying attention in class, I planned out my summer in my head. (not that I would pay attention anyway) Lounging in the Sun, Hanging out with Dana, other friends, or my Boyfriend (ok, so I'm single right now, but finding a boyfriend was another thing i had planned) Swimming, Hanging around Towson, wasting my money on Chai tea and Ice cream, And doing absolutly nothing of any importance except my own enjoyment. Funny how things never work out.
I'm sure you can all relate to this here.
Instead of Utopia, I'm in Hell. I hate all my friends and they all hate me. I have no where to go and nothing to do.
I have no money to blow anyway! The expectation of finding summer lovin has left me realizing or rather remembering that the possibilities of anyone ever finding me attractive, personable, or entertaning are non-exsistant.
I hate the heat, I look Horrible in a bathing suit, and the A/C in my house just blew a fuse.

I Hate Summer