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The Traveling Freak Show...
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The Rant Page

The Rant Page - Simply a collection of annoying things.
Basically, this is the part of the Zine where you pick something you dont like, complain, and i put it on the Site for you. Isnt that great? Publicized complaints.

And now.... let the ranting begin

Rant of the month;

exboyfriends- an obvious rant but you all know it's true

Other rants-
*being hungry
*needing money
*being ditched
*being at people's houses and having them totally ignore you
*bad food
*being tired
-Dana, Editor

-having to say stuff i dont believe
- certain religons
- bitchy sisters

-when people dont pop bubbles from gum
- when someone can sitdown .. anywhere..and take for granted the fact that they are simply alive...breathing and surounded by so much beauty
-when people blow normal bubbles and dont appreaciate the beauty
- fake people
- Flindolin

A mature man; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaally hate reading analog time, why didnt the Romans invent digital to begin with and save us all the trouble?

Ok, here are MY Rants

~ Overly Obnoxious People
~ Being Misunderstood
~ Being second
~ People who are Fat and refuse to realize it
~ C0ckoaches
~ The Ignorant and Immature
~ people who don't know when to shut up
~ Final Exams
~ Crisfield
~ Technology

A note from Caili - I Don't discriminate, i don't like anyone!