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Something new and different

Wow, life has been ultra slow lately.
Not boring slow, just normal slow which doesnt exactly make for productive writing. So instead of my usualy commentary on what's been going on in my life lately, something new; A small psychoanalisis...

I have been noticing lately that a lot of people bother me. It isnt in a way that i directly hate them, it's more that certain behaviors completely annoy me. Dont get me wrong, im no saint, however some people are just hypocritical. For instance; I went out to Towson the other night and i was talking to someone who was like "you know so-and-so? *for the sake of argument lets call this person B*" To which i said yes, and then this first person began to rant about why they hated B, why B was a poser and a hypocrite and especially how B talks about other people behind their backs. That right there was the ultimate act of hypocracy. And it wasnt just that one instance either. I noticed so many hypocritical things occuring that it made me wonder if some people have even heard the definition of the word. And then there are the massive insults underhandedly passed back and forth from one another, so underhandedly that if one were to not pay attention, one might not notice certain people laughing at them right in front of their face. Anyway all of this is sad, but fixable. I think there really is only once source of all this hypocracy and meanness which is the fact that a lot of other people have a hard time accepting one another, aka self esteem issues.

So to wrap it all up, people are basically too busy putting other people down to make themselves feel better to notice when someone right in front of them is upset. Its so pointless, there is animosity between people for the simple reason that they are uncomfortable with themselves.