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This months contributions are courtesy of Nikki Drummend


Holding to since the day we were born,

Time casts away all the led and worn

Silverine shadows are all that remain

Of the millions of souls that were not to be saved.

Inside are the reasons that lead to the end

To capture the strong and to break what won't bend.

It s all up to one whose mind holds all the skills

To save our dying race before everyone's killed.

But because of proud minds and our arrogant eyes,

We shall never be saved from our pending demise.


A noose has wound itself around your neck,

But you regard it's presence as a friend.

A wall of glass you want to smash and wreck,

And when it's broken your frail life will end.

There is no purpose for your selfish ,

And all it does is tear your mind apart.

A sleepless demon greets you at the gate

Which d souls go to when they depart.

The pit has opened up its jaws so wide

That many more than you fall in its depths.

The darkness consumes all that come inside

It makes you wish that you could end your .

And from my words, dear friend, I pray you learn,

Death is the force for which we should not yearn.

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