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Reviews Page

Reviews in the fine areas of books, places to eat, music and more...


Hfstival 2001

was at HFStival 2001 BOTH DAYS!!!
Here are some of the highlights of my weekend...
1. being front and center and on top of a guy's shoulders to see green day and having the BEST VEIW IN THE ENTIRE STADIUM!!!!
2. Being thisclose to Fuel
3. Starting the first mosh pit of the entire festival (oops)
4. Being in the GC music video
5. croud surfing
6. having croud surfers land on me
7. the flying floor
more to come...

Places to chill

The Oddfellows Temple, a.k.a. Ten Car Pile Up

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with TenCar! I'm already declaring it my favorite place to hang. This club, which at first appears little and intimidating is one of the best places on earth! Loud punk and rock, maybe even a little grunge. So far I have seen Masterplan, K Word, The Moops, Sloppy Meat Eaters, Falls Version, and Berlin Project there, just for a few of my favorites. Yeah, so those of you freaks with nothing to do on a Saturday, stop on by!

Places to buy clothes (some of us call these "clothing stores")

Funk in the Trunk

In a world full of cheap, overpriced, assembly line, one-in-two clothing, it is nice to have a refreshing change. Funk in the Trunk is a Vintage clothing store, a few blocks from Cross Street Market. It may be small, but it is great clothing, that is so reasonably priced i seem to always leave with an empty wallet and two shopping bags. Vintage is funky, stylish, and always broken in, and this is the best of the best.